Support Yawp!

We are volunteer-run and depend fully on our community to fund the continued operation of Yawp! If you’re not yet sure you want to commit to a monthly contribution, you are welcome and encouraged to come to an event or hangout and check out the space first. Per-visit contributions are now also accepted, via cash or credit card on-site, if that is how you’d prefer to show your support.

Want a giving guideline? We suggest $5-10 per visit or $5-20 per week. If you can afford to give a bit more, you’ll be helping to support the participation of a family on a more limited budget!

Please choose an amount that is sustainable for your family, and please note that, apart from the “one-time contribution” option, the amounts listed here are monthly subscriptions. The amount of your monthly subscription can be changed at any time, and your new rate will be prorated for the rest of that month.

Yawp is available as a space for rent. If you are a member of a group that needs a place to meet, or would like to offer a private class, workshop, or party in the space, the fee is normally $60 per 2.5 hour slot. If you commit to making a monthly contribution, you will receive the benefit of a 50% discount on rentals of Yawp’s space.

Every family that joins the Yawp! community has the same access — paying more does not buy additional benefits and those who pay less are not expected to barter or otherwise “make up” the difference. Neither do they receive fewer benefits.

If you have any questions about your membership or contributions, or wish to change the monthly amount, please contact

Standard $50 Monthly Contribution
$50 is the standard monthly membership contribution per family, and includes a $10 contribution to our fellowship fund, to help keep Yawp! accessible to those with more limited budgets.


One-Time Supporting Contribution
If you’re not ready to commit to monthly membership but would still like to support the project, we are happy to take a donation!


Another Monthly Contribution Amount
Please choose an amount that is sustainable for your family’s budget. If the amount you can afford is below $40 monthly, the remainder will be paid by the fellowship fund, so please keep in mind that this option reduces the amount available to other families with low incomes.